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Stool Test. Tips for collecting a stool sample. How can I prepare my child? Many older children do not like the idea of giving a sample of their stool for testing, even if they can do it in their own bathroom. Talk to The clinic or lab can provide you with a plastic collection device called a Please follow the instructions given.
Pass the stool into the white plastic (hat) container. 6. Once stool is obtained, use a tongue depressor or wooden stick to remove a portion of the stool and place into the container provided. Collect any mucus or blood with the specimen(s).
8 Apr 2017 He or she will provide you with the necessary equipment for collecting your stool sample, including a container for storing the sample. Ask about the procedure and if you can receive a “hat.” Follow your doctor's instructions and read any directions that come with your equipment carefully. Keep in mind that
1 Mar 2015 Geisinger Medical Laboratories Microbiology Specimen Collection Instructions. URINE AND STOOL SPECIMEN COLLECTION, INCLUDING PATIENT INSTRUCTIONS. URINE The stool sample must be transferred to the appripriate transport device(s) before being sent to the laboratory. Carefully open
4 May 2017 See how easy it is to collect a faecal sample. The Fe-Col® poo collection device provides a simple, easy-to-use, efficient and hygienic stool collection method.
(over). Collecting a Stool Sample. Read all of the instructions before collecting a stool sample. It's important to follow the instructions so the sample is collected the right way. This will help your test results be correct. container(s) for collecting your sample. ? You will also need a clean collection device such as a shallow
PATIENT STOOL COLLECTION. The following test(s) can be collected using these instructions: CDSA™. Specimen. Stool, 3 tubes (filled per instructions), Cary Blair tube. Collection Materials for Stool. Clear-top cup. Collection device. CHECKLIST (PRIOR TO SHIPPING). 1. All Tubes and Cups q Patient's date of birth and
11. Thermo Scientific™ PVA Modified Fixative / Formalin 10% Two-Vial Set Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only. Collect, preserve and permanently stain intestinal parasites with PVA Modified Fixative and Formalin 10% in a convenient two-vial set with industry color-coded, sporked caps.

Remove the container cap and use the attached collection device to move stool sample into the vial. b. Add stool to the fill-line indicated on the vial. Selectively collect stool containing mucus or blood, if present.