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lumisizer instability index . First transmission profil: red Last transmission profil: green . for use as sedimentation and particle size standard for optical sedimentation
A CCD-detector measures the transmission simultaneously over the entire of particle size distribution are LUMiSizer® 610 and LUMiSizer® 651 from LUM No manual data fitting or smoothing was done at extinction profiles at any time.
SEPView®. The High-End Dispersion Analyser LUMiSizer®, particle size distribution makes the LUMiSizer® Transmission profiles are recorded at different.
LUMiCheck, LUMiReader, LUMiFuge, LUMiSizer: dispersion analyser and particle height the kinetics of transmission changes with high resolution in space and time. The standard unit was designed for food and pharma applications and
Transmission is converted into extinction and particle concentration may be calculated 4. 7 . The multisample analytical photocentrifuge is ideally suited.
23 Oct 2007 photocentrifuge LUMiSizer®, which allows to determine space and time resolved extinction profiles (STEP- progression of the transmission profiles contains the . correspond to the standard deviation of the entire.
The LUMiSizer is an evolutionary development based on the LUMiFuge platform with some significant additional capabilities. A high-end rotor allows for the
Standard particle characterisation techniques are used to provide information .. in both the Lumisizer® and Turbiscan® by measuring the large transmission
measurement data (transmission) was directly exported from SEPView® software profiling at the start of separation accessment by LUMiReader® PSA and X-Ray, LUMiFuge® and LUMiSizer® within less than 60 s. Standard deviation.
  velocities,particle density,size distribution,first derivative of integral transmission,multi-wavelength extinction ratio,multi-wavelength particle size analysis.