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[00:43] Masteries; [00:55] Skills & Summoners; [01:36] Items; [02:19] Solo Queue; [02:43] Laning; [03:55] Teamfights; [04:26] Tips. In this basic champion guide Bjergsen shows you a few of Shurima's tips to dominate lane and conquer your enemies as Azir - the Emperor of the Sands. Full Champion Guide Breakdown.
4 Jan 2016
Player rated Illaoi guide created by LoL Fans. Players guide you in all aspects of playing Illaoi from beginning to end game.
Brand. Braum. Caitlyn. Camille. Cassiopeia. Cho'Gath. Corki. Darius. Diana. Dr. Mundo. Draven. Ekko. Elise. Evelynn. Ezreal. Fiddlesticks. Fiora. Fizz. Galio. Gangplank. Garen. Gnar. Gragas. Graves. Hecarim. Heimerdinger. Illaoi. Irelia. Ivern. Janna. Jarvan IV. Jax. Jayce. Jhin. Jinx. Kalista. Karma. Karthus. Kassadin.
22 Jun 2015
[00:09] Solo Queue Evaluation; [00:48] Laning Phase; [01:23] Teamfights; [02:06] Teamfights; [02:33] Runes; [02:49] Masteries; [03:21] Skills & Summoners; [03:48] Items. Ready to set the world on fire? Well you will be after picking up tips from Team SoloMid's all-star mid-laner, Bjergsen, as Brand. Full Champion Guide
20 Mar 2017
Ready to set the world on fire? You will be after @Bjergsen's guide to Brand Mid: 1:02 PM - 6 Jan 2016. 56 Retweets; 274 Likes; Jeremy Livestation Melda Boettcher Diane Alsop Melanie Langdon Kathlyn Rich
NIGHT MODE DAY MODE. Welcome to the Rakan Mains sub! "It ain't a party without a fight!" Rules. Please be respectful to others. Keep all discussions Rakan related. Please don't advertise your streams here. Have fun! Related Subreddits. r/leagueoflegends ·
5 May 2015

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