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Operating Instructions. English. Page 2. 9. Page 3. 10. The Hughes & Kettner Red Box Classic converts Line. Out and Speaker Out signals Speaker In/ DI Out: 54 db. Speaker In: 1/4" jack: unbalanced. Impedance: 500 K-ohms. Max. level with. 9 V battery/adaptor: +40 dbV. 48 V phantom power: +54 dbV. Line In: 1/4" jack:.
The manual shows that the Hughes and Kettner Redbox Classic should be used between the amp/speaker output. Of course, it's a DI, so there's no opportunity to play with how you would mic up your guitar amp, with a close and a distant mic, for example, so you have to try to achieve all that sort of effect
The Hughes & Kettner RED BOX 5 converts line and speaker signals sourced from guitar amps into balanced, frequency-compensated, microphone-level signals with tonal characteristics of a 4 x 12" cabinet. It lets you feed a guitar amp's speaker out, line out or FX send straight into a mixing console's microphone input.
4 Nov 2016
Hughes And Kettner Red Box Classic Di. Manual. Hughes & Kettner's Red Box has been a runaway success, ever since the first version was introduced in the late Eighties. The Red Box is a specialised DI-box for your guitar amp. Traditionally tonal options. + pro-quality cabinet modelling. Simulator Red · $79 · Hughes &.
28 Oct 2016 Original info: The Hughes & Kettner Red Box Classic converts Line, Out and Speaker Out signals into balanced, frequen- cy-compensated signals, enabling a direct feed to a mixer. The Red Box Classic features two voicing options, a 4x12" cabinet and a 2x12" combo. You can find the original manual PDF
INSTRUCTION MANUAL. FEATURES. The RED BOX wos the first speaker simulation D box and a major success the world over. Now we present the new D boxgeneration, a fotaly feengineered successor. †he RED BOX PRO, Filtering capabilities have been developed to the nextevolutio- nary stage, The RED BOX
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and kettner red box mk2 then it serves as a flat voiced the hughes kettner red box classic converts line out and speaker out signals into balanced frequen power supply 11 operating the red box with tube amps owners manual hughes and kettner red box 5 di boxes download read with the original box power supply and.
The Bottom Line The best speaker emulation I've heard so far. Pros -Simple to use -Great sound -can use all kinds of power supplies (from 6 to 12 volt!), phantom power or battery. -2 cab options. Cons -Manual doesn't mention ground lift -No direct DI sound out, only speaker emulated