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Manual. Screwdriver. Antenna. Covers 40-2 Meters. MFJ-1662. $12995. Four new models . . . 300W Automatic Tuner. Ultra-fast, 2000 memories, antenna switch Discharge tube for MFJ-272. MFJ Lightning Surge Protectors handle 400 Watts PEP or 1500 Watts PEP. MFJ-272. $3995. Ship Code A. MFJ-1700B. $7995.
Thank you for purchasing an MFJ 1700C 6-position antenna switch. lt is a heavy duty switch that allows you to INSTALLATION. To use, simply connect the transmitter(s) you want to use to the lettered coax connector(s) and connect the antenna(s) you want to use to the numbered coax Transmitter COM ties to A-F.
The only thing i found is this : but the frequency range is too low . Alpha Delta switches together in the same way that you would have to tie the 2 COM ports of the MFJ together using either an antenna tuner, SWR/watt meter, or merely a coax jumper.
Most ham suppliers stock manual switches and many antenna tuners have one built on. MFJ sell one for I have used the MFJ Model 1700B ANTENNA SWITCH for around 6 or 8 year's now and have been very pleased with it. It allow's me to Have "6" Transmitter COM ties to A-F. Antenna COM ties to 1-
MFJ-1700B product reviews by real people like you. Only at - is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio).
FJ-1700B. TRANSMITTER-ANTENNA SWITCH. 925-0117B-1700B-Rev. 2. MFJ-1700B. Instruction Manual. Thank you for purchasing the MFJ TRANSMITTER-ANTENNA SWITCH. The MFJ-1700B is a heavy combination with more than one antenna, the MFJ-1700B can be used to tie them together by using one.
MFJ. Cheer and Joy be Thine. New York, Dodge Publishing Press. 1910. Ribbon Bound Card Covers, 12mo - over 6?" - 7?" tall. Some light wear and MFJ Instruction Manuals: MFJ-249, MFJ-704, MFJ-949D, MFJ-989C, MFJ-1700B, written & published by MFJ Enterprises Inc, Mississippi State, MS, 1992. 1st Ed.
10 Feb 2014 The MFJ-1700C Antenna / Transceiver switch. Position 'A' at front right connects to the HT-37 tx / HQ-170 rx vintage station. The black coax in position '5' is the lead-in to the Gap Titan DX vertical antenna. Note the 'COM' port that joins selected rig and antenna. An antenna switch is a must have item for any