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PSYCHO DAD SMASHES TV! PSYCHO DAD SMASHES TV! Post Date, August 5, 2016. Duration, 5:31. Genre, Skit. Episode Guide]]. < Previous Video Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox (Role Reversal), Next Video > Psycho Dad Axes Laptop (Role Reversal) · Picture Gallery
Psycho Kid Smashes TV. Carchracher. Post Date, September 2, 2014. Duration, 4:24. Genre, Psycho Series. Episode Guide]]. < Previous Video Psycho Dad Shreds Video Psycho Kid Smashes TV is the sixth episode of the Psycho Series, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on September 2, 2014.
28 Jun 2015
This is the transcript for Psycho Kid Smashes TV. (the video opens with Jeffrey walking towards
The Psycho Series, which included a fifty-episode original playlist, close to a thousand vlogs told the coming-of-age story of young Jesse Ridgway who had a new-age artistic passion and had to stand up to his old-world father, all the while slowly losing his mind. There were heavy themes such as domestic abuse and
2 Sep 2014
2 Oct 2013
Psycho Brother's Filming Freakout. FilmingFreakouts. Post Date, October 2, 2013. Duration, 3:47. Genre, Psycho Series. Episode Guide]]. < Previous Video Since the events of Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox, Jesse has been threatening Jeffrey Jr., saying that he's going to tell Jeffrey Sr. about the video, and that it's been
Destroying McJuggerNuggets TV! Post Date, June 28, 2015. Duration, 5:33. Genre, Vlog. Episode Guide]]. < Previous Video HYPED FOR ARKHAM KNIGHT, Next Destroying McJuggerNuggets TV! is the first video to have the title not named Psycho (Dad, Brother, Girlfriend, Family, or Kid), despite the fact that this was an
22 May 2015

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