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19 Jun 2012
You have found the Instructable that will show you everything you need to know about your spinning rod and reel. Although it is initially difficult to setup and use, the spinning rod and reel will enhance your fishing abilities and will give you the versatility you need to catch nearly any kind of fish. With no previous knowledge or
28 Jun 2012
Shakespeare Durango(SC 15) fishing reel is a cheap option to consider when shopping for a new panfish reel or if choosing a starter reel for a child. I have an open face Durango reel. What is the easiest way to switch the crank to the left With proper maintenance they still well work today. I have had very good luck
But like all varieties of fishing rods, Shakespeare spinning rods are of little use unless they are strung with fishing line. While it might be easier to have a friend help in the process, most fishermen can put line onto their rods and reels by themselves once they are comfortable with the process. So if they're fishing alone and
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Shakespeare manufactures a line of spinning reels for freshwater and saltwater fishing. The reels are popular for their durability and ease of use, since line tangles are minimized by the bail and open-face spool design that virtually elimates the backlash that can plague baitcasting reels. Seasoned anglers know the
Shakespeare Durango Spinning Reel. This reel features a rear drag, ball bearings and smooth multi-disc drag system. Shakespeare Durango Reel: 1 Ball Bearing; Smooth Multi-Disc Drag system; Die-Cast Metal Gears; Holds 6lb line/185 yards; Holds 8lb line/145 yards; Holds 10lb line/120 yards; Model# 2235RB
Ask most anglers to name three brands of fishing reels and Shakespeare will probably be included on the list. For more than 100 years, Shakespeare has been involved in the development and marketing of a wide range of freshwater and saltwater fishing reels, from spinning to baitcasting, Most anglers can set up a

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